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06348-M1198EKOK- Advertising Booklet- CHASE & SANBORN, Boston, Chicago, Montreal. ca 1912. The History of the American Flag. 10 flags depicted in vivid chromos. 1 pg of package coffees and 1 pg of package teas. Beautifully done little item in remarkable color on card stock. Excellent. 3-1/2"x 4-3/4"x 12pp. $32.00

05102-M0796EE- Booklet- THE AMERICAN FLAG, Pub by Liberty National Bank of NY. 1916. High quality little cord bound booklet about our flag. Betsy Ross house on cover. Also, Star Spangled Banner. Minor cover stain. 4-3/4" x 6-3/8" x 19pp. $26.00

04068-M0895EREE- Booklet- THE ADOLPHUS (HOTEL), Dallas, TX. 1927. Texas Under Six Flags Souvenir Edition Honoring Annual Session National Education Association, Dallas, Texas- 1927. Flags illustrated in nice color on front, history given inside. Light stain. 6" x 9" x 8pp. $24.00

01427-M1292EKLU- Catalogue- EMERSON MANUFACTURING CO., San Francisco, CA, No. 31, 1931. Flag Makers. Every kind--pennants, pull-downs, fan flags; burgees, banners for business, fraternal, yachts, societies, signal, golf. Holders, stands, etc. All priced, with jobberís discount schedule. Beautiful two & three color on coated stock in blue ink. Light cover soil, otherwise very good. 6" x 9" x 40pp, Stiff covers. $60.00

01428-M1292CEKO- Catalogue- DETTRA FLAG CO, Oaks, PA, 1933 with 4pp 1934 insert, 1936 discount sheet, and 6pp 1937 price and discount booklet. Also includes 4pp undated Bull Dog Bunting piece with actual material samples of red, white & blue stapled in. Beautiful, colorful catalogue of every kind imaginable: U.S., foreign, bumper, window, store front, fraternal, club, society, yacht, firemanís, welcome, confederate, church, burgees, theater, advertising, VFW, etc. Last 13pp are a magnificent pictorial walk-thru of their entire manufacturing facility. Flag Etiquette, Flag Holidays. Silver, red, white, blue embellished stiff covers. Thumb indexed. Light cover soil. A rare find! 6" x 9" x 240 pp + all the inserts. $132.00

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