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02231-M1193ESAU- Provisions List- For Schooner ‘WM. H. MITCHELL’,  Capt. J. S. COLE, JR. to provisioner GEO HARMAN & SON, n.p., Apr 1866. Long ledger sheet list of provisions taken on board in the amount of $129.83. Good insight on diet and life of seamen of a century and a quarter ago. Written in ink. 6-1/2” x 15”. Also a receipt to Capt. J. S. Cole for “(?), Hauling and Piling” in the amount of $15.50, dated May 3rd, 1866. 8” x 4-1/2”. All well preserved on rag stock. Both. $32.00

04805-M0396EEOS- Price List- W. W. WITTMAN, Baltimore. Dec 18, 1869. .Produce and Commission Merchant, And Dealer In Dried Fruits, Canned Goods, Feathers, &c. Preprinted sheet w/quantities and prices inked in. Includes numerous selections for all categories above plus Shell Fish, Jellies, and Pickles. Folded but clean. Nice typography, no illustrations. 8" x 10". $16.00

01068-B0990Q- Catalogue- BLYMYER MANUF. CO., Cincinnati, OH, 1877. Cane mills and evaporators, portable and stationary steam engines; church, school, and fire alarm bells, corn and cob crushers, shaker separators, geared powers. Beautiful steel engraved art! Excellent condition. 6" x 9" x 26pp. $116.00  (See pictures)

02887-M0694LLKE- Book- THE COMPLETE PRACTICAL DISTILLER: COMPRISING THE MOST PERFECT AND EXACT THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE ART OF DISTILLATION AND RECTIFICATION, And Including All Of The Most Recent Improvements In Distilling Apparatus; Instructions For Preparing Spirits From The Numerous Vegetables, Fruits, Etc. Direction For The Distilling And Preparation Of All Kinds Of Brandies And Other Spirits, Spirituous And Other Compounds, Etc., Etc. (Whew! What a title!). By M. La Fayette Byrn, M.D. Pub by Henry Carey Baird Co, Philadelphia. Eighth Ed, 1880. Gold & red pasted bookplate: "Choice Old Bourbon Whiskey, Leonard Bros, Saint Joseph, MO." Hardback, index, table of contents, illustrated. Buckram cover at spine has some bug chews, paper cover at front hinge is chipped, otherwise tight & very good. 5-1/4" x 7-3/4" x 217pp. Plus bound-in 24pp Catalogue Of Practical And Scientific Books by publishers. $288.00

02420-M0294CCEE- Newspaper- WASHINGTON SENTINEL, Washington City, D. C., Vol. XIV, No. 42, Apr 9, 1887. Unusual paper devoted to brewing interests. National news plus heavy concentration of classified and display ads relating to brewers, brewers supplies and equipment, maltsters, local brands such as Lion, Geo. Ehret, Henry Muller, Peter Doelger, Henry Flach, scores more. Bernardin Bottle Cap Co., Steamship ads, etc. Clean rag stock. Very good condition. 19-3/4” x 26-1/2” x 4pp. $42.00

04775-M0396CSKE- Company Journal- SACCHAROMETER, Vol.1, No.4, Mar 1887. Boston. Printed & Published by Chase & Co in the Interest of the Wholesale Confectionery Trade. Business Outlook, A Word About Colors, (Making) Carmine, Musk (for perfume), Flavors, Fortune Telling, What Our Friends Say Of Us, A Queer Story. Common and Poisonous Colors, Comparative Prices Of Sugar At The Refineries. Full page of Chases novelty candies w/complete description. Nice large ads of Chase, C. D. Boss Cracker Mfgrs, full pg from Smith Brothers' Cough Drops w/nice engravings of their likenesses, Thos. Burkhard Coopersmith, Albert M. Todd Distilling Chemist (for 'Crystal White' Oil Of Peppermint). More. Delightful typography. Library stamp, minimal corner wear. Rare! 8" x 11" x 8pp+ wraps. $117.00

05560-M0297CCUU- Catalogue- KENNEWEG & CO., 165 & 169 Baltimore St., Cumberland, MD. Nov 23, 1891. Wholesale Grocers Price List. Lists groceries, proprietary medicines, spices, woodenware, laundry supplies, lanterns, brooms, sundries, etc. Engraved illustrations include samovar, Lion coffee package, coconut cake, case of root beer, 60 gal kerosene dispenser, two platform counter scales, lantern, oil (kerosene) can, counter paper roll dispenser, Buffalo Soap, Pine Tar Soap, and trademarks of Arm & Hammer, Rising Sun Stove Polish, Clark's O.N.T. Thread, Drummond Tobacco, Lorillard’s Climax Plug, Liggett & Myers. Hundreds of items listed and priced. You'll recognize many, even from this early date. Age-toned, small margin tears, becoming fragile. 8-1/4" x 10-3/4" x 12pp. $48.00

06175-M0398CHLK- Promo Book- HOWARD W. SPURR COFFEE CO., THE PAUL REVERE ALBUM, Boston. 1899. Presents the history of Paul Revere in story and pictures and Promotes Spurr's Revere brand coffee. High quality little HB book with Paul Revere's picture tipped on front and gilt embellishments. Gap in lower margin of one page, pages have been stuck in couple of spots and pulled apart, resulting in small surface lifts, otherwise very good. 5-1/2"x 8-1/2"x 44pp...$58.00

02244-M1193ELEE- Catalogue- BENTLEY, SHRIVER & CO., Baltimore, MD, Mar 24, 1902. Importers, Whsle Grocers. Extensive price list of groceries, specialties, condiments, fruits, nuts, lamp parts, brushes, cakes, crackers, candies, tobacco, handmade Cuban cigars @ $35.00/M, coffee @ 11 cents/lb, hard apple cider in barrels @ 17 cents/gal, salt in 224 lb sack @ 85 cents/sack and volumes more. Great guide for stocking country or specialty store even today. Lightly illustrated. Small spine chips, otherwise very good condition. 9-1/4" x 12-1/4" x 20pp. $28.00

02886-M0694AEEE- Handbook-  NATIONAL PROGRESSIVE DEALERS ASSOC, Chicago, 1903. A trade association of retail liquor dealers. A bar owner would have been hard pressed to operate without something like this. He was charged $2.50 monthly and received each week by mail: 1) the Association Instruction Sheet consisting of two pages of recipes for blending or mixing all kinds of liquors known to the trade, together with the exact cost of materials used in making them and total cost per gallon; 2) One page of bar-tender's hints for mixing plain and fancy drinks; 3) One page containing important information and pointers useful to the trade. Also inked in is the market price of Spirits and Alcohol at date of issue.  The dealer was also entitled to unlimited use of the Association Information Bureau, Blending or Mixing Department and Supply Department. Among other things, this allowed the bar owner to mix whatever drink he desired right at the bar (not just cocktails, but his own bar scotch, bourbon, or whatever). At the time, the law allowed a retailer to mix up to 4-1/2 gallons at one time, to be used behind the bar only. The special pointers included taking proof of whiskey, salvaging wine going bad, filtering liquor, correcting musty whiskey, coloring whiskey, a 78-item essence/flavoring price list, and much more. In other words, a complete retailer's and compounder's guide! All bound in very well-preserved, cord-bound, black textured boards with gilt embossing. Each week's new information could be placed in the binder. This is No.1105 and issued to John H. Wolff, 13 N. 6th St, Keokuk, Iowa. Dates run from Mar 5, 1903 to Oct 20, 1903. First few pages have a stain along page top, otherwise all excellent. 4-1/2" x 7" x 142pp with red typo accents. Rare piece of Americana!. $92.00  

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01076-M0292EAEE- Catalogue- FRED C. WHITE (Successor to George W. Banker), NY, 1908. Wholesale Trade Price List. Manufacturers of crated and boxed cans and demijohns. Neat little catalogue, very well done vignette illustrations and half-tones. Demijohns for water, winemakers, laboratories. Boxed cans for coal-oil, primarily. Also small bottles, filler faucet. Unusual. Sight cover spotting, otherwise excellent condition. 4-1/2" x 6-1/4" x 30pp. $18.00 Pictures

02578-M0594EOOE- Catalogue- H. L. FREIDENBERG’S CUT RATE LIQUOR STORE, Columbus, OH, ca 1910. Soliciting the mail order trade and shipped by railway express. Intact order blanks have age certification. Offered full range of spirits, beers and wines, by bottle and some by bulk. "Rondo" was $2.00/gal and "Old Landslide" (sounds like the drink for a very brave soul!) was $4.50/gal in bulk. Illustrated. Excellent condition. Neat little catalogue! 3-1/2" x 5" x 24pp. $28.00

06212-M0598EHEE- Catalogue- F. O. CLARK & SON, Camden, ME. ca 1910. Groceries, Meats and Provisions. A premium catalogue of aluminum ware for coupons received when customer made a cash purchase. Thirteen pages of this aluminum ware, remainder is selected recipes. Well illustrated. Some spine wear. 3-1/2"x 6-1/4"x 24pp. $36.00

04299-M1095EE- Broadsheet- CROFTS & REED CO., Chicago. ca l913. Two pieces: 1) 2pp letter measuring 6” x 8” promoting factory-direct grocery shopping from them. 2) Beautiful 6” x 9-1/4”, 3-color pamphlet of grocer at counter- “I want to tell you how you can save 1/2 on your groceries.” Back has nice illustration of “just a few of the 500 guaranteed products” which could be ordered. Opens to a 9-1/4” x 12-1/4” broadsheet of neatly dressed gent emphasizing to attentive housewife that she can save one-half of her grocery bill! Great display piece. All near new. Both. $32.00

02160-M1093LKKE- Catalogue- E. LA MONTAGNE’S SONS, New York, n.d., but not long after Pure Food Act was passed in 1906, let’s say ca 1915. European spirits and wines of all kinds plus domestic and imported whiskeys. Olive oil, conserves, sardines, etc. Well illustrated. Coated stock, stiff covers, cord bound. Very good. 4-1/2" x 6-3/4" x 40 pp. $48.00

04335-M1095CALR- Journal- WATKINS ROLL OF HONOR. A Weekly Magazine Issued In The Interests of The Salesmen of the J. R. Watkins Medical Company, Winona, Minnesota, USA, Forty-eighth Year, Thursday, Jan 14, 1915. Illustrated articles, nice line art, great masthead w/Watkins buggy drawing. Coated stock paper. Very good condition. 11" x 15-1/2" x 6pp. $38.00

04336-M1095CALR- Journal- WATKINS ROLL OF HONOR. A Weekly Magazine Issued In The Interests of The Salesmen of The J. R. Watkins Medical Company, Winona, Minnesota, USA. Forty-eighth Year, Thursday, March 11, 1915. illustrated articles, nice line art, great masthead w/early Watkins automobile. Printed in green ink on coated stock paper. Very good condition. 11" x 15-1/2" x 12pp. $38.00

07236-M0706ELKE- Booklet- CALUMET BAKING POWDER CO., Chicago. Ill.  RELIABLE RECIPES and HELPFUL HINTS, cprt 1918. Nice color and sepia tone art and photos throughout. Some wear and cover soil and pencil scribbling by child throughout.  5-1/2”x 8-7/8”x 72pp. $14.00  Pictures

02426-M0294EKLK- Journal- THE GROCER LINK, A Sales Bulletin for Progressive Merchants. Merchandising Service Dept, Boston American Newspapers, Boston, MA. Vol, 3, No. 8, Aug 1919. New England trade news. Many ads: Fifty-Fifty, Moxie, Anzac, Harva, Bevo, Necco Wafers Candy, Postum Cereal, White House Coffee, Domino Sugar, Sunnycorn Cereal, and more. Semi-coated stock. Excellent condition. 10" x 13-1/2" x 12pp. $24.00

02428-M0294EKLK- Trade Journal- THE GROCERY REPORTER, Omaha, NE, Vol. IV, No. 35, Jul 5, 1919. Official Publication of the Omaha Retail Grocers’ & Butchers’ Assoc. Trade news. Ads include Advo Gold Medal Coffee, Sunshine Biscuits, Sunkist Flour, Estes Laundry Tablets, Iten Biscuits, Butter-Nut Coffee, Skinner’s Bread and others. Coated stock. Some shelf soil, small edge tear. 9-1/4" x 12-1/4" x 12pp. $24.00

07179-M0704EKSO- Journal- THE CRACKER BAKER, Vol. IX, No. 7, July 1920. New York, NY. Published by American Trade Publishing Co. “Devoted to the Interests of the Biscuit and Cracker Trade of the World.”  High quality publication on heavy coated stock paper. Full range of articles on manufacturing, market conditions, sugar situation, etc. A delightful article: “Six Thousand Years of Biscuit Making”.  Many advertisements. Laid in are four sheets with pencil  tallies of earnings for three employees for 1915, 1916, 1917, and 1918. Apparently the annual salary was a little over $300 for a year’s work. Some soiling to white front and light wear.  9”x 12”x 66pp. $52.00

01129-M0492EEHE- Catalogue- J. R. WATKINS CO., Winona, MN. WATKINS TIMELY SUGGESTIONS, ca 1920. Divided into seven comprehensive sections with well-illustrated products catalogues applicable to each: Watkins Tested Cooking Recipes, Secrets Of Beauty, The Home Doctor, Useful Hints On The Care Of The Car, Helps For The Housewife, The Care Of Livestock & Poultry, Miscellaneous. Center spread of "Watkins City," their offices and factories. Plus several loosely inserted pages and clippings from magazines of the era: 2pp from 1931 Hoard’s Dairyman, a small flyer on Putnam Products from Monroe Drug Co., etc. Minor cover chips and toning. 5-3/4" x 8-3/4" x 96pp. $42.00

06740-M0299ELEE- Booklet- ARMOUR & COMPANY, no place given. Ca 1920s. "60 ways to Serve Armour’s STAR, The Ham What Am." Beautifully done little booklet with color vignettes of the hams, bacon, different prepared dishes. Very nice pictures of the black chef presenting the "Ham What Am". Coated stock pages. Small corner of back wrap missing and corner crease, otherwise very good condition. 3-7/8" x 5-3/4"x 32pp. $24.00

03938-M0695CEHL- Parts Manual - BAKE-RITE OVEN MFG. CO., San Francisco, CA. ca 1920s. For Bake-Rite Automatic Doughnut Machine. Set-up, Operation, Cleaning. Machine and all parts pictured. Light cover soil. Coated  stock. 6" x 9" x 16pp. $32.00

05298-M0996EEKE- Catalogue- HYDROX CORP., DIV. OF NAT'L DAIRY PRODUCTS CORP., 24th St at the Lake, Chicago, ca 1920s. "Timely and Delicious Creations for all Occasions. Artistic ice cream creations for the discriminating hostess." They packed these in "Dry Ice, the new iceless refrigerant." Beautiful color presentation of ice cream pies, grape cluster, fruit basket, log roll, melon mold, layer cakes, etc. Most are priced at $1.50 to $4.50 ea and would serve from 8 to 24 people. Some 13 are illustrated and more than 250 listed. Small designs @ $2.50 per dozen. Back cover has illustration of a bottle of Hydrox Ginger Ale. Beautifully done little catalogue! Excellent condition 3-1/2" x 5-5/8" x 16pp. $30.00

02479-M0394EAAO- Journal- THE INDIANA GROCER, Pub by the Whitaker Press, Indianapolis. Vol. 5, No. 1, March 7, 1921. Great articles and ads, including Oak Grove Butter, Taggart Baking Co, Indiana Condensed Milk Co, Blanton Milling Co, Schaefer Bros Milk, and many more. Very good condition. 9-1/4" x 12" x 12pp. $32.00

06520-C0999ARAE- Annual Report- ARMOUR AND COMPANY, no place given. 1921. Annual report for fiscal year ending October 30, 1920. A really well done item. Heavy stiff covers with embossed lettering and border. High quality stock pages with some of the most beautiful art we've seen. There are four full page plates and the double page center spread. The artist is Herbert Johnson. Contents shape up something like this: Armour Service Ideals, Feeding the World--Today's Great Problem, Packing Industry First to Readjust, Economic Influence of the Housewife, Livestock--What of the Future?, Safeguarding the Outlet, Problems Peculiar to the Packing Business, The Fallacy of Bureaucracy, Cold Facts on Cold Storage, "Three Men in a Boat", Farm Surplus Valueless Without a Market, Foreign Business Activity, Packers' Profits and Political Piffle, The President's Report to Stockholders, Financial Statement, Facts About Armour and Company. Some light cover stains and scratches. 6-1/4" x 9-3/8" x 29pp. $49.00

03302-M1194EALC- Advertising Folder- MERCHANTS COFFEE CO., Baltimore, MD. 1923. Hygeia coffee: "I’ve tried them all. This is the best." Folder opens to a 1923 & 1924 calendar and a strip of 20 straight pins. "Pin Your Faith To The Coffee That Never Disappoints. For Breakfast, Dinner or Supper The Year Round. Drink Hygeia Coffee." Back reads: "Rockefeller, Morgan and Vanderbilt With All Their Millions Cannot Buy a Purer Coffee. Always Insist Upon HYGEIA." 2-1/4" x 5-1/4" x 4pp. $26.00

04967-M0395EEHC- Catalogue News Sheet- A. PAUL, JR. & CO., West Washington Market, NY. THE PRODUCER'S PRICE=CURRENT, Vol.66, No.227, Wednesday, Aug 22, 1923. They were "Commission Merchants (dealing in) Dressed and Live Poultry, Dressed Calves, Lambs and Pork, Butter, Eggs and Cheese." 12” x 17", printed both sides with daily quotes of commodity items including all above and produce, fruits, etc. Market conditions, etc.. In original envelope to customer in VA. All in excellent condition. Both. $16.00

07415-M1110OHLK- Catalogue- CRYSTAL CREAMED ICE MACHINE CO, Cincinnati, Ohio, ca 1923. Snow sundaes and all the trimmings! For $250.00! 5 pieces: 1) 9”x 7-1/8”x 8pp catalogue in excellent condition; 2) Colorful letter of introduction; 3) Letter of testimony from The Coney Island Park Company; 4) Small Cash Order Blank for Complete Outfit; 5) Mailing envelope w/torn 4¢ Washington stamp. $37.00  Picture

07012-M1102CCRK- Journal- NATIONAL GROCER, Vol. 10, No. 1, September 1925. Byxbee Publishing Co., Chicago. O. F. Byxbee, Editor; Frank Farrington, Associate Editor; Walter N. Emerson, Managing Editor. Byxbee and Farrington were responsible for the journal, Inland Storekeeper in the early years of the 20th century. Farrington was a former storekeeper and prolific author writer for numerous business publications during his career. Fifteen books on all subjects for the trade are here offered—window trimming, retail advertising, meeting competition, clerk’s book, etc. Articles include: Herman’s Does Things Differently, His Business is Run Right, This Way for the Big Show, Can’t Raise the Dickens with This Business, Where Your Goods Originate (A Day in a Pineapple Paradise), One Reelers By Walt, What Grocers Are Doing to Increase Trade, Big Day for Denver Grocers, Gets Young Allies, The Yeast-cake’s Rise, Don’t Duplicate Deliveries, more. Over thirty advertisers including Ford, McCaskey, Brookshire cheese, jar rubbers, Fairbanks Scales, Colgate, Burroughs, Heinz, Ivory Soap, Baker Ice Machine Co., Rhinelander Refrigerator Co., Angelus Marshmallows, McCray Refrigerators, Delmonte, much more. Well illustrated throughout. Nice color cover of US flag. Light vertical crease, otherwise very good condition. 8-1/2"x 11-1/2"x 32pp. $55.00

03509-M0295EORK- Booklet- POSTUM CEREAL CO, Battlecreek, MI. 1925. "THE WONDERFUL LUNCH BOXES." A child’s story personifying wheat and its culture on the sunny farm. Title is allegorical reference to the life stored in the seed. Beautiful color illustrations, some signed by Shirley Kite. Brands listed are Post’s Bran Flakes, Instant Postum, Grape-Nuts, Postum Cereal, Post Toasties, Post’s Bran Chocolate. Very good condition. 4" x 5-1/2" x 20pp. $28.00

07083-M0595EESC- Booklet- MOUNTAIN STATE HOME INDUSTRIES, INC., Morgantown, W. VA. Ca 1920’s. This little booklet is entitled Mountain State Blackberry Jam. A little 11-year girl named Minnie V. Humphreys of Sissonville, West Virginia, wrote it and is pictured. It makes your mouth water! Ends with an offer of the jam. Pints were 35¢, 2-ounce jars were 10¢. Wish we had some right now! Excellent condition. 3-1/2”x 6-1/16x 8pp. $14.00

01670-M0593EALA- Booklet- J. R. WATKINS CO., Winona, MN. 1927. Spices From The Orient. Neat booklet w/spider web textured end papers. Well illustrated with many photos of exotic places and their packaged spices and extracts. Coated stock pages, stiff covers. Excellent. 5-3/4" x 8-1/2" x 64pp.  $38.00

05341-M0896EOAK- Journal- THOMPSON'S PURE FOOD JOURNAL, Main Office and Commissary at 350 Clark Street, Chicago. Vol. VII, No.12, Dec 1928. Pub by and for employees of John R. Thompson Co. This was a restaurant chain. Some 21 are listed, including sites in about 11 states. Boosterism, employee news, exhortations, etc. Small library mark, otherwise very good condition. Nice black and white winter scene cover. 6-3/4" x 10" x 24pp. $28.00

07173-M0704CUOK- Catalogue- J. HUNGERFORD SMITH SALES CO INC., Rochester, NY. Sept 1, 1930. Fountain Fruits & Flavors Price List. Chocolate products, Indestructo fountain ice cream dippers, Rochester root beer barrels, glass steins, fudge warmers, marshmallow accessories, hot coco offers, orange juice dispensers, extracts, etc. Small illustrations throughout. Very good condition. 3-3/8”x 6-1/4”x 30pp. $43.00  Pictures

04838-M0395EEHC- Letter- AMERICAN FLOUR CO., Nashville, TN. Apr 2, 1931. Nice 2-color head w/AFC shield logo and imprints of two bags of flour. Full page price list of flour & livestock feed. W/original envelope. $16.00

02714-M1194ECUE- Journal- THE FLAVORING EXTRACT JOURNAL, Pub by Spice Mill Pub Co, NY. Vol. IV, No. 4, April 1931. Covers essences, fruit aromas, colors, essential oils, ingredients, mfg equip and supplies. Illustrated,  ads, coated stock paper. Very good condition. 6-3/4” x 10” x 32pp. $28.00

06499-M0799EHEK- Catalogue- BENTLEY, SHRIVER & CO., Baltimore, MD. "Our Salesman, May 2, 1931." Importers, Wholesale Grocers. Everything imaginable offered--coffee, tea, canned goods, spices, drugs, flavorings, carton goods, sundries, woodenware, confectionery, much more. Hundreds of items listed and priced, Lightly illustrated. Center fold, cover has small gap missing at spine head, a few archival repairs. Some idle dolt has punctured the front few pages with a knife or other sharp object--no type or illustrations obscured, however. 8-5/8"x 9-5/8"x 24pp. $29.00  

07233-M0706ELEE- Pamphlet- JAQUES MFG .CO.,/KC BAKING POWDER, Chicago, IL. Ca 1930s. “Favorite Recipes from the Baking Powder Cook’s Book.”  Bread, cakes, rolls, waffles, pancakes, etc. Delightful graphics. Light soil and a corner crease.  3-1/4”x 6-1/4”x 6 panel. $8.00  Picture

04976-M0696ELEE- Sales Pak- FRANK E. DAVIS FISH CO., Gloucester, Mass. 1933. Five pieces:1) Letter w/colorful lobster platter head. 2) Price list w/picture of Mr. Davis and bay scene, 2-color typography. 3) Post card-sized coupon w/colorful assortment of canned seafood on front. 4) Another coupon a little smaller w/colorful clam cake dish on front. 5) Unused BR envelope. All in like-new condition. These would display nicely. All five pieces. $38.00

02713-M1194ECUE- Journal- DRIED FRUIT RECORD,   San Francisco, CA. Vol. I, No. 4. Nov 1933. “A Monthly Publication devoted to the cultural and marketing interests of the Producing and Packing Factors of the Dried Fruit Industry.” Rare issues addressed to “Hon Franklin D. Roosevelt, Washington DC”. It eventually wound up at the Library of Congress. This was the year after FDR’s election as President. The NRA symbol appears in three different places in publication. Articles include: Farmer’s New Job, Inflation and Dried Fruit, etc. Illustrations, ads, Very good condition. 9” x 11-3/4” x 16pp.  $34.00

04847-M0395EEHC- Letter- NASHVILLE PURE MILK CO., 14th Ave & Church St, Nashville, TN. April 5, 1933.  Trademark was "Tru-li-Pure Pasteurized Products." Beautiful head--milk bottle w/happy baby in color over engraved clouds, etc. In response to a complaining customer who had written he would never buy their product again. They defend that they "have outside affiliation" and go into great detail on their cost and expenditures in Nashville. If you are the purchaser of this selection, call us and we will relate background of the recipient of this letter.  We won't write it down. He's gone now, but we knew him personally. Original envelope has fabulous engraving of their building w/cars and people in street scene. Purple 3¢ Washington stamp. It's foxed, has slight edge chews. 3pp letter, but only closing on page 3. Ink signature by president of company.  Letter has light rusty paper clip imprint in upper margin. Fascinating piece of history! All. $34.00

03924-M0795CHLE- Book- PRACTICAL ICE CREAM MAKING AND PRACTICAL MIX TABLES by A.D. Burke, Olsen Pub Co, Milwaukee, WI. 1933. Covers it all: History, Milk, Milk Products For The Mix, Standardization, Fancy Molds & Specials, Sherbets & Ices, Flavor, Color, Sweeteners, Stabilizers, Eggs & Their Use, Fruit Ice Cream, Freezers & Freezing; Swell, Overrun, Yield, Selecting on Merits, Merchandising, Food Value, much more. Good place to start to build the next Ben & Jerry’s--at a level anyone can manage! Hardback, excellent condition. 5-3/4" x 8-1/2" x 214pp. $48.00

04989-M0696ECKE- Booklet- THE SPRINGFIELD PURITY DAIRY, 323 So. Center St, but no city? Maybe Springfield, MO? (We bought this in Tennessee), ca 1930s. "Hostess Suggestions For Unusual and Beautiful Servings of STANDARD Ice Cream." Nicely done. Stiff textured covers w/maid serving dining group depicted. Coated stock pages w/large color picture of elegant ice cream dessert each pg. Last pg offers and prices, but does not illustrate, plain and fancy moulds, syrups & sauces, pies. Very good. 5-1/4" x 8-1/4" x 24pp. $28.00

05923-M1097CKLC- Catalogue- GILT EDGE PRODUCTS CO., 76 Fulton Street near Gold Street, Downtown, N.Y.C. 1934. Bar supplies, glassware, flavoring extracts, grenadines, vermouths, cocktail bitters, cordials, malt, hops, brew tools, bottling supplies, keg sets, wine presses and crushers, dried fruits, beer steins, cork screw, 8pp more. Well illustrated on coated stock. Has been letter folded, very good condition. 8-3/4” x  11-1/4” x 8 pp. $58.00  

07110-M0804ELEE- Catalogue/Recipe Booklet- THE ALUMINUM COOKING UTENSIL CO., New Kensington, PA and Oakland, CA. “The ‘Wear-Ever’ new method of Cooking. Health, Flavor, Economy.”  Copyright 1935. Comprehensive history, full line of the utensils, recipes of every kind. Delightful, well illustrated presentation. Some color. Some scuffs, otherwise very good condition. 6”x 9”x 50pp. $18.00   Picture

01731-M0693CEKE- Promotional Booklet- GRANDE-CHARTREUSE LIQUEURS, France, 1935. Schenley Import Corp, NY. Beautiful portfolio booklet w/silk cord binding, mostly full color lithos. Story of the Chartreuse monks, their vicissitudes and their liqueur. Plates are framing quality. Last color plate is of the bottled goods. Very good condition. 9-1/2" x 6-3/4" x 14pp. $52.00

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02429-M0294EKLK- Tabloid- THE GROCERS’ GUIDE, Cincinnati, OH, Vol. VII, NO. 2. Jun 3, 1936. Official Organ of Cincinnati Retail Grocers’ & Meat Dealers’ Assoc. Trade news. Ads include Silver Sea Coffee, Lever Bros, Old Wursburg Malt Syrup, Shredded Wheat, Rainbo Rye Bread, Tastee Bread, Fountain Brand Bacon, Shur-Good Crackers, Strietmann’s Crackers, Premier Coffee, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and others. Semi-coated stock. Tear at outer fold. 10-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 12 pp. $20.00

03723-M0595EKEE- Catalogue- THOS. C. FLUKE CO., (w/Mitchell Fletcher Co), Phila, PA. Summer 1936. They called their catalogue "The Menu." Groceries of all kinds: Coffees, fancy appetizers, relishes, condiments, canned goods, cheeses, bottled goods, soups, sardines, extracts, syrups, much more. Great packaging. Well illustrated. Minor cover spot. 5-3/4" x 8-3/4" x 36pp. $28.00

03725-M0595EKEE- Catalogue- THOS. C. FLUKE CO., (w/Mitchell Fletcher Co), Phila, PA. Summer 1937. They called their catalogue "The Menu." Groceries of all kinds. Similar to No.3723. Very good. 6-1/2" x 9-1/4" x 32pp. $28.00

00397-B0990ERLK- Catalogue- SCHWACHER BROS. & CO., Seattle, WA. September 3, 1937. Wholesale grocery price list. Two-color illustrations on covers 1, 2, 3, 4. No illustrations otherwise. Extensive listings of full grocery lines, woodenware, sundries, school supplies, tires, tobacco products, candies. Some cover soiling, wrinkling. 7-1/2" x 10-1/2" x 54pp. $17.00

01677-M0593CAKE- Sales Kit- ZANOL PRODUCTS CO., Cincinnati, OH, General Catalogue No. 1, ed ‘L’, 1939. 1) A little cardboard sample case measuring 16" x 12-1/2" x 4" with large green and gold Guarantee Of Satisfaction, seals of testing agencies inside lid (no samples present). 2) Catalogue, 11" x 14" x 76pp with very large sized illustrations on coated stock paper. 3) Inserted price list and index. 4) Inserted Official Order Blank. 5) Letter Of Credit to be filled out by dealer. 6) Illustrated flyer with check-off product sheet. Case is faded and some stains, remainder appearance almost like new except for minor bug chews on edge of first couple of catalogue pages. Products are beauty preparations, perfumes, soaps, home medicines, concentrated soft drinks, spices and other food and household products, laundry preparations, oils, cleansers, polishes, etc. Zanol was a nation-wide organization at one time. A fellow by the name of Albert Mills was the founder in 1907. They had door-to-door salesmen selling directly to the homemaker. Great item with nice art. $67.00

03312-M1294EALC- Premium Cards- GRAND UNION TEA CO, Brooklyn, NY. ca 1940s. "Series No. 2 Tea Checks". Seven little cards 1-1/2" x 2-1/2"  in blue and red ink. To be redeemed for premiums. Very good condition. All  $18.00  

04759-M0395EEHC- Form- WAR FOOD PROGRAM, Form ECR-815, War Food Administration, Agriculture Adjustment Agency. Lists crop acreages, livestock and poultry, production data, practices to be performed in 1944, production practice allowance. As it is filled out, participant was to receive $24.73. This is from a homesteader down the road from us about a mile. He had 45.9 acres and it's still a nice little mountain farm. Great "snapshot" of the era! Folded. 8-1/2" x 11". $14.00 

02230-M1193EKEE- Catalogue- BAR MART TIPPLER TOPICS, NY, Summer 1947. Catalogue of bar gadgets, home/office bars, drinkers’ & smokers’ accessories, entertaining & outdoor cooking items. One full page of color art from TRUE Magazine. X-lib, very good condition. 8-1/2” x 11” x 12pp. $32.00  

07234-M0706ELEE- Booklet- KERR HOME CANNING GUIDE, Kerr Glass Manuf Corp., Bulletin No. 948, Cprt 1947 and 1948. Nice graphics. Very good condition. 3-3/8”x 5-5/8”x 16pp. $11.00  Picture

02715-M1194ECUE- Journal- FOOD-A-PLENTY, Pub by Orville T. Wood, Clinton, MA. Vol. I, No. 1, Feb 1948. Promoting frozen food & frozen food locker plants (remember those?). Illustrated, ads, semi-coated stock, small edge tears. 9-1/2" x 12" x 6pp. $16.00

01132-M0492EREA- Catalogue- EASTERN ESTATE TEA CO., Premium Catalogue, NY. ca 1900. Nicely engraved art of tea & coffee packages, flavorings, spices, starches, cereals, condiments, soaps, rugs, occasional furniture, linens, trunks, beds, china, glassware, silverware, clocks, jewelry, kitchenware, laundry accessories, toys, wheel goods, lamps, and more. A clip is removed from one page, otherwise very good condition. 6-3/4" x 10-1/2" x 44 pp, stiff covers.  $38.00  

04102-M0895EKKL- Journal- THE HOUSE OF WHITBREAD, House of Whitbread Brewery, Criswell Street, London. Vol.8, No.1, Summer 1946. The Magazine Of Whitbread & Company, Ltd And Its Associated Companies. First issue in six years as result of WWII. Cover color portrait of founder, Samuel Whitbread, Esq. (1720-1796).  Roll of Honor of employees serving in armed forces or killed in action, War Years In Retrospect w/detailed review of Nazi bombing damage to their facilities and licensed houses.  Huge 40” fold-out w/panoramic view of London before(1939) and London after (1946). Ordeal By Fire--The Great Incendiary Raid on the City of London.  Other brew and civic news. Back cover has large color picture of Whitbread’s bottle and table scene. Coated stock. Very clean. Some library stamps and a staple hole in cover otherwise very good. Rare item. 7-1/2” x 9-3/4” x 36pp. $42.00

06326-M0998CEEE- Journal- FOOD STORE NEWS, Vol.1, No.2, 1948. By Electrical Information Publications, Madison, WI. Sent to store keepers in the area by The Union Electric Co. Pushes the use of adequate lighting as a means of increasing a grocer's business. Many nice store pictures, mostly interior. New food store equipment reviews, etc. Some archival stamps and markings, otherwise excellent and apparently unused. 8-1/4"x 10-3/4"x 8pp. $28.00

04416-M1295EEKE-  Comic Book- THE MARCH TO MARKET, THE STORY OF MEAT FROM OPEN RANGE TO KITCHEN RANGE. Sponsored by SWIFT & CO, Chicago. 1948. Story - city boy visits country girl, saves her from cougar, follows the steers from range to table. Near new. 7” x 10” x 16pp. $18.00  

07117-M0804ELEE- Journal- CULINARY REVIEW, THE CHEFS’ NATIONAL MAGAZINE, Vol. XVII, No. 7, April 1949. Published by the American Culinary Federation, Inc., N.Y. Articles and features include Food in Springtime, Spices and Condiments, Food in Clubs, 83rd Grand Ball of the Societe Culinare Philanthropique, Famed Hostelry Closes its Doors (Hotel Lafayette), Reports for Europe and America (one report is in French). Much more. Many advertisements from the industry. Very good condition.  8-1/4”x 10-3/4”x 28pp. $22.00  Picture

02229-M1193EKEE- Trade Journal- THE BEVERAGE INDEPENDENT, NY, NY. Vol. 7, No. 1, Jul 1949. "A monthly Open Forum publication devoted to every branch of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage industry." News from all parts of beverage industry: Manufacturing, marketing, distribution, taverns, etc. Features on prohibition, tribute to the tavern owner, sports and games, etc. Coated stock, light shelf soiling. X-Lib. 8-1/2" x 11" x 38pp. $26.00

06275-M0898EKEC- Magalog- S. S. PIERCE CO, Boston. THE EPICURE, S/S 1955. Importers And Grocers. Fancy foods of every sort, wines, spirits, personal care items. Comprehensive lists. Many ads from others. Lots of pictures of containers. Beautiful covers, coated stock paper. Damp exposure has resulted in some waviness but no stains except spots at staples. 8-1/4"x 11"x 80pp. $30.00

05287-M0996ERCH- Catalogue- JEWEL TEA CO., no place given, Jewel Home Shopping Service, F/W 1957. An Autumn pattern wall clock appears in this one, as well as the other items, but not the silverware. Very light cover soil, corer crease. 8-1/2" x 11" x 94pp. Inserted is an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of price-off coupons. $43.00

06992-M1002ECEE- Booklet- THE WORLD OF CHEESE, a Guide to the World’s Favorite Cheeses. From the Educational Department (of) Kraft Foods, Chicago, Ill. Third Edition, April, 1958. Covers it all: Cheese Through the Ages, Cheese on the Table, American Cheese, Bleu Cheese, Brick Cheese, Brie, Caciocavallo, Camenbert, Cheshire, Club or Cold Pack Cheeses, Cottage Cheese, Cream Cheese, Dry Cheese, Edam, Hand Cheese, High Moisture Jack and Monterey Cheese, Holstein, Lapland, Leyden, Limburger, Muenster, Mysost, Neufchatel, Noekkelost, Parmesan, Pineapple, Pont L’Eveque, Port du Salut, Process cheese, Provolone, Romano, Roquefort, Sage, Samsoe, Sapsago, Sbrinz, Scanno, Scarmorze, Stilton, Swiss, Quick Facts and Tips About Cheese. Bibliography, Illustrated vignettes. The only thing we savor more than a little cheese is more cheese! Quality publication on coated stock paper and maroon textured stiff wraps. Inside gutter foot has slight moisture wrinkles but no stain or sticking and is not noticeable. 7"x 9-3/4"x 51pp. $14.00

06989-M0902EEEE- Catalogue- WILTON ENTERPRISES, Chicago, IL. Your Personal Guide to Cake and Food Decorating Ideas by Wilton. 1969. Colorful tutorial and catalogue to every kind of cake imaginable. Supplies, ornaments, food decorating items, etc. Pictorial tour of their facilities. Great item and still very useful! Very good condition. Soft covers. 8-5/8"x 11"x 160pp. $18.00

05910-M0897EOOL- Book- THE COLONEL, THE CAPTIVATING BIOGRAPHY OF THE DYNAMIC FOUNDER OF A FAST FOOD EMPIRE by John Ed Pearce. Doubleday & Co, NY, 1st, 1982. Foreword by Gov. John Y. Brown. Hardback, illustrated. Fine, dust jacket near fine. 5-3/4"x 8-1/2"x 225pp. $28.00

07254-M0507ELEE- Book- THE KERNEL & THE BEAN by Dan J. Forrestal, Simon  And Schuster, NY, NY. 1982. First ed. The 75-Year Story of the Staley Company. "....history of a corporation in central Illinois which sits majestically in a castle-like tower in the midst of abundant harvests, coaxing corn and soybeans into unlimited new uses." Corporate Directors, Honor Roll of Service, Index. Hb almost new and tight copy in fine dj. Appears not to have been read. 5-3/4"x 8-3/4"x 315pp. $30.00   Picture

05549-M0197EHHU- Book- PIZZA TIGER by Tom Monaghan with Robert Anderson, Random House, NY. 1986. The story of Domino's Pizza and it's founder. Illustrated, hardback, dust jacket, both like new. 6-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 346pp. $24.00

05430-M1196EKOE- Book- HOW SWEET IT IS: The Story Of Dixie Crystals And Savannah Foods by Arthur Gordon. Company published, Savannah, GA. 1992. Illustrated, hardback. Dust jacket is repeat of board design-- navy blue w/silver embossed facsimile of Dixie Crystals label. Except for an edge bump, all in near new condition. 7-1/4" x10-1/4" x 109pp. $30.00

07256-M0607EEEE- Newspaper Advertisement- McSCROOGE’S WINE & LIQUOR WAREHOUSE, Knoxville, TN. Crossville, Chronicle, June 2007. Father’s Day Sale. Colorful full page presentation of wines and spirits. About 30 bottles depicted and many more priced. Like new condition. 12-1/2”x 22-3/4”. $12.00

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