Hillcrest Books, Catalogue of Old Catalogues and Paper Collectibles
Hillcrest Books, Catalogue of Old Catalogues and Paper Collectibles
Hillcrest Books, Catalogue of Old Catalogues and Paper Collectibles

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 Welcome to Hillcrest Books! Old catalogues contribute to an understanding of our world unmatched by any other assemblage of documents. They are the mind's window, thrown wide, on our personal and commercial past. This site will be growing continually. We have many items not yet listed here that will appear in the near future. Please check back often!  

Click on "Catalogue Descriptions" at left and scroll for the many different selections offered. If unsuccessful, come back to this page and search:  Enter a key word or phrase enclosed in quotation marks and click on "Search".

General Information:

Thanks for your visit to Hillcrest Books. We appreciate your interest and hope to make your time here as pleasant and trouble free as possible.  Please take the time to read the information below.

1)      We communicate with our customers primarily through email.  If you order or inquire of us and are trying to control spam by approving from whom you will receive email, please add HillcrestBooks@frontiernet.net to your approved list.  We do not have sufficient staff to complete request forms in order to have our email approved.  If you do not receive an answer from us, check your approved list.

2)      Many company email filters block our messages to confirm shipping of your order. Please provide a personal email so we can get the message through to you.

3)      If you call and leave a message on our answering machine and you do not get a call back, it means we have not been able to understand your message. Cell phones especially are notorious for their garbled communications. We cannot return a call if we donít know the number to call.  If we donít call back by next day, please try again. Please email rather than calling if possible, and provide your name and phone number in the message.  WE ALWAYS RETURN CALLS AND EMAILS IF WE HAVE THE INFORMATION.

4)  We charge only the exact postage/insurance costs to send your merchandise.  If you call to order, we cannot tell you these costs until the order is pulled and packed.  You may leave an email address and we will advise postage costs.

5)      All selections on hand are posted in our online Web store. We do not have any selections not offered here. We have thousands of selections and they are all shrink wrapped. We can check contents further than the online description only on a limited basis.

6)      Hillcrest Books does not provide online evaluations of your items, as there are too many variables.

7)      If you want to sell your item(s), please inquire as to whether we have an interest and if so, quote your best price and forward detailed description and scans. We do not make offers.