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03325-M1194LOCL- Journal- THE NEW YORK DISSECTOR, NY. Quarterly Journal of Medicine, Surgery, Magnetism, Mesmerism, and the Collateral Sciences, with the Mysteries and Fallacies of the Faculty. Vol.3, No.4, Oct 1, 1846. Edited by Henry Hall Sherwood, M.D. Consumption, Starch Bandages, Effect of Electro-Magnetism on the Action of the Heart, Treatment of Chronic Skin Diseases, Treatment of Sycosis (not to be confused with ‘psychosis’) with Arsenic, Mesmeric Surgery & Cures, Internal Structure of the Human Kidney, Human Magnetism, much more. The good Dr. Sherwood’s thesis is stated as "...the action of medicines on the human system is exclusively dependent on the evolution of their magnetic or electrical forces." Back cover has woodcut ad for "Sherwood’s Vibratory Magnetic Machine." Small archival stamp, back cover corners missing, otherwise very good. Rare piece. 5-3/4" x 8-3/4" x 55pp. $92.00   

05685-M0397ACCE- Journal- THE SHARP SHOOTER, Published Quarterly By The Radical Health Society Of Philadelphia. Business Office, No.1312 Chestnut St. Vol. I, No.3, October, 1865. The editor was Dr. S. M. Landis, an M.D. and D.D. What can we say about this most interesting and rare item? Firstly, it was presented to a library (probably Harvard) by "Hon. Chas. Sumner. Jan 14, 1867" and a penciled note attests to this. Sumner was a U. S. Senator from Massachusetts. He opposed slavery, championed civil rights for Negroes, and opposed Grant. He may be best remembered because of a physical attack and injury at the hands of Senator Preston Brooks of South Carolina in the senate chamber on May 22, 1856. But back to S. M. Landis. He was a reformer and outspoken founder of the First Progressive Christian Church, Philadelphia; a prolific author and speaker on the subject of physiology, a vegetarian (although this word is not used in the paper); a firebrand opponent of "drug-doctors, internal medicine, doctor-stuff, rum, tobacco, grease (in the diet), spices, condiments, vinegars of all kinds; proprietor of "Dr. S. M. Landis's Compound Electro-Magnetic Hot And Cold Air Baths," says that "Both the professions of Medicine and Sectarian Religion come under the rule of ignorance or rascality," and, by the time of this publication, had succeeded in alienating the clergy, the mayor, police department, and all the newspapers of the city. He takes out after them all with a vengeance and within just the first couple of pages describes them as Pharisees, egregiously blasphemous, liars, rummies, scoundrels, mediciners, ignoramuses, old fogies, envenomed opponents, hypocrites, slow-bellies, fools; blind guides stuffed with grease, rum, drugs and tobacco; old grease-pots, riotous and intemperate gluttons and wine bibbers, inconsistent drones and swindlers, weak-minded sneaks, and on and on.... Whew! He burns the hide off every thing in sight! From other sources we learn that Dr. Landis published a book entitled "Secrets of Generation". In 1870, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania charged him "with having published a sex education book that was lewd, filthy, and corrupt." Despite able counsel, a verdict against the defendant was assured when Judge William S. Pierce refused to allow fellow physicians to offer testimony of the medical truth or value of the book. A new trial was refused and the maximum sentence imposed--$500 fine and one year in prison. He was sentenced 1/22/1870. Then Governor John W. Geary of Pennsylvania pardoned him 5/17/1870 of "uttering, publishing and exposing to sale, obscene printed books". Landis was the author of several other works, including "Sense & Nonsense", "Mesmer, The Terror of the Rich," "Courtship and Marriage," Key to Love," "Key to Heaven," etc. All published by Landis Publishing Society," No. 13 North Eleventh Street, Philadelphia, PA. Wonder what ever became of Dr. Landis? Well preserved paper on rag stock. A real rare one-- it literally reeks of age and history! 9" x 11-3/4" x 4pp. $248.00

02417-M0294CCEE- Professional Journal- THE GUARDIAN OF HEALTH, Vol. VII, No. I, Jan 1868. Adapted to the Times, The Medical Profession, And the People. Articles include: Hypochondriac Diseases ("Sometimes called Vapors, Low Spirits, Blue Devils, etc."), Observations on Epilepsy and Nervous Diseases. Ads include Japan Teas, Fancy Goods, Piano Fortes, Hair Cutter (a barber), Campbell House (a lodging house and restaurant). Self covered, thread bound, minor wear and toning. No illustrations. 6" x 9-1/4" x 24pp. $42.00

04912-M0496LESK- Journal- HALL'S MEDICAL ADVISER For The Prevention Of Sickness And The Cure Of Disease Without Medicine. W. W. Hall, A.M., M.D., Ed. 234 Broadway, NYC. Rare number one issue, Jan 1875. Curious lead article is "First Things" w/listings of the first time a particular thing was done or practiced, e.g. 1st recorded fool; first vegetarian; first paper money in U.S.; first Lucifer matches; first locomotive in America; and believe it or not, the first enema! Many more firsts. Other articles: Rubber Shoes; Duration Of Life; Friendless Girls; Oxygen; Onions, Dish Water; Make-up Man; Pitiable Childhood; Chloroform Dangers; Cold Water Bathing; Insect Riddance; Cancer; Covering for the Feet; much more. Ads for gas log fireplace (illustrated), Sphynx Toothpaste (illustrated), Barney's Curvilineal Spring Steel Button Holder, Boy's Clothing, McComber's Patent Lasts, many medical books. First two pgs have light stain, minor edge chips. 5-3/4" x 9x 32pp. $64.00

05556-M0297KARR- Journal- THE PHYSICIAN'S MONITOR for 1879. Vol. IV, No.9. W. A. Townsend, Pub & Bookseller, No.189 Broadway, NY. "A Concise Repertory Of Useful Information For The Medical Practitioner, Containing Recent Discoveries in the Medical World, And New Remedies In Therapeutics And Allied Subjects, Original And Selected From The Most Eminent Authorities: Embracing The Entire Synopsis Of ‘Braithwaite's Retrospect' For January, 1879, Copied Verbatim From The American Reprint, Condensed By The Editor, William Braithwaite, M.D. Including A Complete Revised List Of New Books On Medicine, Surgery, Anatomy, Physiology, Materia Medica, Chemistry, Geology, Etc., Etc., In America And Great Britain; Comprising, Also, Calendars, Tables, And Directory Of The Best Drugs, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Preparations, Surgical Instruments, Magnetic Machines, Microscopes, Colleges, Etc., Etc., Etc. SPECIAL EDITION." Illustrations included in ads for Philips' Palatable Cod-Liver Oil, Banning Truss & Brace Co., Codman & Shurtleff's Atomizing Apparatus, Open Stove Ventilating Co, Galvano-Faradic Mfg. Co. (Electrical Instruments For Medical Use, L. Reich Hungarian Wines, Volta Electric Belt Co, Imperial Granum, H. Planten & Sons, Dundas Dick & Co.'s Male Fern and Kamala Capsules (full page illustrating two lovely tapeworms!), Wilson Adjustable Chair Mfg. Co. Many other ads with much delightful typography. Some chips at cover edges and spine. All quite clean otherwise. 5" x 8-3/4" x 56pp. $158.00

07414-M0706ELKE- Book- A TREATISE: DISEASES OF THE EYE by Henry D. Noyes, A.M., M.D. Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology in Bellevue Hospital Medical College; Surgeon to the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary; President of the American Ophthalmological Society; Member of the New York Ophthalmological Society; Permanent Member of the Medical Society of the State of New York; Member of the New York Academy of Medicine, etc. Published by William Wood & Co., 1881. First American edition of this beautifully illustrated work and two fine chromolithographic plates. This was Noyes principal work. Never translated or published outside the United States. Gold and black stamped on brown cloth. Beautiful Victorian binding. 111 illustrations, 6-1/8”x 9-3/4”x 360pp, xil, index, 2 chromo plates in back. Some edge shelf wear, slight waviness on upper back board, board spots here and there, bindings good, overall good+. $55.00  Picture

04911-M0496CLKO- Journal- MENTAL HEALING, Pub by Mental Science and Christian Healing Assoc., Boston. Vol. 1, No. 4, Nov 1886. Fear And The Remedy For It; Mental Healing; Omnipotence Of Mind; Esoteric Christianity; a couple of letters testifying to healing by Christian Science; much more. Ads for metaphysical books and a school for same, full page of ads from healers, Tuttle Family Shoe Store (w/engraving of bldg), White Sewing Machine (w/nice engraving). "Compliments of the Editor" in ink on front. Small library stamp. Small corner chip to cover, otherwise excellent. 6" x 9-1/2" x 20pp. $36.00

06187-M0498ERKU- Journal- THE  AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY,  Vol. V, No.10, Oct, 1888.   Metastatic Carcinoma Of The Choroid, Is Astigmatism A Factor In Causation Of Glaucoma?, Excessive Intra-Ocular Haemorrhage After Cataract Extraction, special meetings minutes of the society, correspondence, etc. Very good condition. 5-3/8"x 8-3/4"x 32pp. $28.00  

07175-M0704EOHO- Journal- THE PHARMACEUTICAL ERA SUPPLEMENT, Vol. 1, No.3, December 15, 1888. Published by D.O. Haynes & Co., Detroit. Delightful articles, news items, correspondence, advertising. Articles include: Parchment Paper and its value in Pharmacy, Chewing Gum, Dr. Oliver’s Vaporizing Atomizer, more. Some closed page edge tears, corner chips, specks, otherwise very good condition, 8”x 11”x 16pp. $42.00    Pictures

05560-M0297CCUU- Catalogue- KENNEWEG & CO, 165 & 169 Baltimore St., Cumberland, MD. Nov 23, 1891. Wholesale Grocers Price List. Lists groceries, proprietary medicines, spices, woodenware, laundry supplies, lanterns, brooms, sundries, etc. Engraved illustrations include samovar, Lion coffee package, coconut cake, case of root beer, 60 gal kerosene dispenser, two platform counter scales, lantern, oil (kerosene) can, counter paper roll dispenser, Buffalo Soap, Pine Tar Soap, and trademarks of Arm & Hammer, Rising Sun Stove Polish, Clark's O.N.T. Thread, Drummond Tobacco, Lorillard’s Climax Plug, Liggett & Myers. Hundreds of items listed and priced. You'll recognize many, even from this early date. Age-toned, small margin tears, becoming fragile. 8-1/4" x 10-3/4" x 12pp. $48.00

07177-M0704CKAR- Journal- THE NEW ENGLAND DRUGGIST, Vol. 4, No. 1, November 1891, Boston. “....devoted to the interests of the Wholesale and Retail Druggists of New England and the Maritime Provinces.”  Wide array of interesting articles and news briefs. Many fantastic advertisements with beautiful engravings: Art Tile Soda Fountain, C.H. Bangs drug store interiors, Hoff’s Malt Extract, Parrots for 1891, Anheuser Busch, Geo. G. Page Box Manufacturers, Fehr Baby Powder, much more. Chip in wrap at  lower front near spine, closed tear at gutter. 9-1/4”x 12-1/4”x 32pp. $46.00  Pictures

07178-M0704CKAR- Journal- THE NEW ENGLAND DRUGGIST, Vol. 4, No. 2, December 1891, Boston. “....devoted to the interests of the Wholesale and Retail Druggists of New England and the Maritime Provinces.”  Wide array of interesting articles and news briefs. Many fantastic advertisements with beautiful engravings. Many ads same as No.07177 but some different. Art Tile Soda Fountain, C.H. Bangs drug store interiors, Hoff’s Malt Extract, Parrots for 1891, Anheuser Busch, Geo. G. Page Box Manufacturers, Fehr Baby Powder, Lyon’s Kathairon, much more. Articles all different. Chip in wrap at lower front near spine. 9-1/4”x 12-1/4”x 48pp. $46.00  Picture  

07345-M1008EHEE- Journal- LEONARD’S ILLUSTRATED MEDICAL JOURNAL, Detroit, Vol. XIII, No. 1, January, 1892. In addition to publishing this journal, they were also manufacturers and dealers of surgical instruments, dental instruments, leather medical buggy cases, medical batteries, splints, medical books and periodicals and a wide general line of physician’s supplies. Pills, vaccines, etc. Two full pages of journal premiums are offered. Heavily illustrated throughout with steel engravings. Excellent condition. 11”x 15-3/4”x 24pp. $38.00

05567-M0297CREE- Catalogue- GERMAN ELECTRIC AGENCY, 12 Versy St., New York and 28 Endsleigh Gardens, Euston Road, London, N.W. ca 1894. "The Electric Era. The German Electric Belts And Appliances. Made Under U.S. Patent No.357,647, Granted to Prof. P.H. Van Der Weyde, M.D, President of New York Electrical Society, and Late Professor of Chemistry of New York Medical College, Etc." We conclude from the patent number that this invention came along about 1887. Introduction in catalogue says they were founded in 1880 in Brooklyn. Not sure just what they marketed from 1880 up to 1887. On May 1, 1892 they moved to New York City and "leased the immense offices that we now occupy at 12 Vesey street, which is a stone's throw from the New York Post-office and a few doors from Broadway." If this Vesey Street address sounds familiar, you may be thinking of The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co (A & P). Their first shop around 1860 was up a little way at 31 Vesey Street. But this is a whole other story! This catalogue features the German Duplex Electric Belt, Lady's Belt, Spinal Belt, Lung Appliance, Suspensory Belt (for men), all at $5.00 each. Cures are claimed for Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Kidney Disease, Lame Back, Constipation, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Falling of the Womb, Leucorrhoea, Suppressed Menses, Painful Menstruation and Flooding. Paralysis, Spine Disease, Epilepsy or Fits, Asthma, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Weak Lungs, Incipient Consumption, Nervous Debility, Sexual Debility, Impotency, Varicocele, etc. Full of outrageous claims and testimonials and line drawings of the belts. Cover is red and black w/illustration of large stylized Phoenix bird and a female figure depicted as the goddess of deliverance and light, as it were. Except for consistent and even age toning to pages, almost mint condition. A rare one! 4-3/8" x 6-3/4" x 24pp. $75.00

04311-M1095HCHR- Catalogue- PULVERMACHER GALVANIC CO, Cincinnati, OH. ca 1895. Electric Belts and Bands. "THE BEST KNOWN CURATIVE AGENT For Self Application." Claims cures for all kinds of maladies. Customers’ letters of testimony, endorsements by "medical authorities," all the awards they had won, etc. Cincinnati seemed to be somewhat of a center for "electric cures." Many of the claims were couched in language verbose even  by Victorian standards. The simple truth, however, was that a major part of their attraction was because of what they did for a tired tradesman’s or farmer’s libido at the end of a long day. Richard Sears came along and described these belts in very straightforward language. (See the 1902 Sears Catalogue, for example.) Those who perhaps had wondered just what the learned professors and doctors were saying to them no longer had to wonder. Anyway- this is a remarkable item, very well preserved. Beautiful covers of classical scenes. Large double page engraving of factory scene, other engravings of belt, bands, etc. Has one vertical fold. 6" x 7-1/2" x 48pp. $98.00  Pictures

04065-M0895AORL- Catalogue- COMSTOCK-HOFF MFG. CO., NYC. 1896. Illustrated Catalogue of Medicine Cases, Saddle Bags, Obstetrical Bags & Instrument Cases For Physicians And Surgeons. Family Medicine Chests, Travelers’ Medicine Cases, Etc. Buggy Cases, Pocket Vial Cases, Veterinarians’ Cases, Homeopathic Cases, Satchel Cases, Cabin Bags, Operating and Emergency Cases with and without instruments. Rare item! Part of envelope flap stuck to front at top. 5-1/2" x 7-3/4" x 48pp. $93.00

07176-M0704CELA- Journal- THE RETAIL DRUGGIST, Vol.2, No.5, April 1896. Published by the Universal Trade Association, Detroit, Mich. Much copy given to a squabble between the retail druggists and drug manufacturers/wholesalers. The UTA directors were retail druggists. The kernel of their plan was to print and sell labels that the manufacturers would have to buy and use on their patent medicine containers down the supply chain. To avoid what they called “cutting” or diluting the patent preparations.  The publisher of this paper takes the publisher of the Pharmaceutical Era, Mr. Haynes, to task for misrepresenting the truth about the UTA. It gets pretty ugly! Many articles on medicines, patent preparations. Ads for sundries, display cases, chewing gum, nursers, furnishings, etc. Soiled and darkened with age, some edge tears but all intact. 10-1/4x 13-5/8”x 16pp. $44.00  Pictures

03733-M0595CSEE- Catalogue- E. LAMBERT & SON, London, England. 1900. Surgical Appliances. They were active in the export market. Accouchement (childbirth) outfits; air beds, cushions; bed pans, urinals, breast relievers (pumps), corsets, supporters, crutches, ear trumpets, speaking tubes, artificial limbs, many different douche and enema apparatus, chiropodists’ instruments, syringes, eye/nose douche, inhalers, medicine measures, magneto-electric machine (with crank) and medical battery machine, pessaries, bandages, thermometers, trusses, medical books, etc. Minor stain upper trim corner, some spine chips, corner crease. A rare one. 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 10pp. $85.00

06354-M1198CRAU- Journal- THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NURSING, Vol. IV, No.5, February 1904. Fascinating articles, photos, advertisements. Delightful nurses' outfits. Small chip at spine tail, otherwise excellent. 6-3/4"x 9-7/8"x 80pp plus 32pp of ads. $68.00 

06355-M1198CRAU- Journal- THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NURSING, Vol. IV, No.9, June 1904. Fascinating articles (long one on Cuba), photos, advertisements. Some spine chips otherwise excellent. 6-3/4"x 9-7/8"x 80pp plus 32pp of ads. $68.00 

00708-B0990EAEE- Almanac- THE CHATTANOOGA MEDICINE CO, Chattanooga, TN. THE LADIES BIRTHDAY ALMANAC, 1905. Bite-sized gap in front wrap & first two pages. Torn, fragile, tape repairs. 5-1/4'' x 7-3/4" x 32pp. $12.00

01630-M0493ECEE-  Magazine- THERAPEUTIC DIGEST, Cincinnati, OH, Dec 1905. Appx 10pp of ads, articles on alcohol content of about forty popular patent medicines (Dr. Jule's Celery and Pepsin Tonic was 90 proof! A good dose of that and you wouldn't care if you were sick or not). A very humorous article entitled "The Ingratitude of Mr. Dunn" in the form of an exchange of letters between a young man and a mail order doctor. Covers missing, first page missing corner, else good. 7-3/4" x 10-3/4" x 28pp.  $20.00

06851-M0302CEEE- Journal- BEAUTY AND HEALTH, Women’s Physical Development. Vol. 9, No. 5. February 1905. Physical Culture Publishing Co., New York, USA. They claim it to be "….a monthly magazine devoted to the cultivation of physical power and beauty in woman". This was a short-lived publishing effort of Bernarr MacFadden (1868-1955). He was the founder and editor in-chief of PHYSICAL CULTURE MAGAZINE. Macfadden was a physical fitness guru and proponent of healthy living. He spoke against use of tobacco, alcohol, restrictive clothing (especially corsets), vaccination, medicine and doctors in general. He supported alternative health care, frankness concerning human sexuality, ‘internal baths’ and fasting, sleeping in fresh air (even to the extent of having outdoor sleeping huts); mud, sand and air baths; homeopathy and osteopathy. He founded something he called ‘physcultopathy’. His contributing writers at various times claimed that "medicine is a murderous science" and that "germs do not cause disease". He was the consummate self-promoter and egomaniac and tried to buy his way in to the presidency of the U.S. He became a multi-millionaire through his publishing ventures, most notably the magazine, Physical Culture. He was married four times in his life and finally died destitute in 1955.  Articles and features contained in this magazine include: Exercising For Developing the Arm;, True Meaning of Wedlock, Secret of Strong, Rosy Babies; At the Shrine of Love; A Pill Episode; Athletic Prowess of American Girls; Thoughts on Beauty and Power of Attraction in Women; Effect of Physical Culture on Fashion Illustrating; Science of Sex Purity; much more. About 19 pages of advertisements: Postum, Omo Dress Shield, Velvet Grip Hose Supporters, Dr. Scott’s Hair Brush, Facial Massage Roller, Prof. Anthony Barker offers a book claiming to improve your face by making faces. New Hair Culture, different types of exercisers, Grape-Nuts, clothing patterns, and much more. Light cover soil and edge wear. 6-1/2"x 9-1/2"x 48pp. $48.00  

02021-M0993CAKE- Catalogue- A. A. MARKS, NY, NY, 1907. "MANUAL OF ARTIFICIAL LIMBS", Copiously Illustrated. An Exhaustive Exposition of Prostheses. Artificial Toes, Feet, Legs, Fingers, Hands, Arms, for Amputations & Deformities, Appliances for Excisions, Fractures, & Other Disabilities of Lower & Upper Extremities, Suggestions on Amputations, Treatment of Stumps, History, etc., etc., etc.”.  In preface they state, “It is in no sense a catalogue, although containing the information usually given in catalogues..”  It is a catalogue, however--has all the elements of a catalogue, but it is much more. Over twenty chapters instructing in detail how to take home measurements, a couple with price lists, one of testimonials with illustrations, one on awards received, one with instructions for visiting their facilities, one explaining in detail the time purchase plan, one with all accessories pictured and priced--items such as stump socks, a push-button combination fork and knife, other push-button knives, one having a blade and a button hook. Crutches, seven  types of wheelchairs. Inserts include a reply envelope, a pink flyer on a folding crutch, and order blank.   Worn  spine  ends,   cover  soil,  otherwise very good condition.  5-1/2” x 9” x 431 pp, Hardback. Rare. $83.00

01625-M0493ECEE- Magazine- THE SOUTHERN CLINIC- MONTHLY JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, SURGERY & NEW REMEDIES.  The Southern Clinic, Richmond, VA.  May 1907.  Approximately 25pp of ads. Broad range of medical articles. Cover soiled & chipped at extremities. 6" x 9" x 56pp. Paperback. $26.00

01632-M0493ECEE- Magazines- THE MEDICAL PROGRESS, Louisville, KY. Two issues- Apr 1907 & Aug 1907. Interesting articles and ads, including vacuum cap hair growing machine, physician's buggy, electro-therapeutic table, etc. Covers gone, tattered, torn, stained and age darkened. Ea is 6-3/4" x 10" x app. 70pp.  Both $38.00  

02482-M0394CAEU- Journal- ALBRIGHT’S OFFICE PRACTIONER, A Medical Magazine Devoted to the Development and Improvement of Office Practice. J. D. Albright, M. D., Ed & Pub, Phila, PA. Feb 1907. Non-surgical Treatment of Prostate, Electricity (treatment) in Diseases of Women, Clinical Uses of Blue Light, Cure for Asthma; Specialists, Advertisers and Grafters; much more. Many nicely illustrated ads. Excellent condition. 6-3/4" x 10" x 48pp. $52.00

07344-M1008CRSK- Catalogue- V. MUELLER & CO., Chicago, U.S.A. 1908. Makers of Surgical Instruments, Electrical Apparatus, Hospital and Office Furniture, Deformity Apparatus and Physicians’ Supplies. They state that this is a first edition. A rare and very nice catalogue. Well illustrated in steel engravings. Section A: Dissecting and Post Mortem Equipment, Diagnostic Instruments and Apparatus, Microscopes and Microscopic Accessories, Laboratory Apparatus and Glass Ware, Apparatus for Blood and Urine Analysis; Apparatus for Phlebotomy, Cupping and Leeching; Apparatus for Infusion and Transfusion, Osteological Preparations. Section B: Anaesthetic, General Operating, Osteotomy, Bullet, Pocket Case, Cautery, Ligatures, Sutures, Dressings, etc. Section C: Eye, Ear, Nasal, Dermal, Oral, Tonsil, Tracheal, Laryngeal, Oesophageal, Stomach, Intestinal, Gall Bladder.  Section D: Rectal, Phimosis, Urethral, Prostatic, Vesical, Urethral. Section E: Ganaecic, Hysterectomy, Obstetrical, Instrument Satchels, Hand Medicine Cases, Buggy Medicine Cases, Pocket Medicine Cases. Section F: Electric Illuminators, Faradic Batteries, Galvanic Batteries, Electric Wall Plates and Cabinets, Electrodes, Cautery Transformers, Cautery Batteries, Electro Magnets, Electric Motors, Electric Vibrators, X-Ray Coils, and Tubes Static Machines and Accessories. Section G: Hospital furniture, Office Furniture, Sterilizing Apparatus, Hospital supplies, Rubber Goods, Sick Room Utensils, Invalid Rolling Chairs, Etc. Section H: Deformity and Fracture Apparatus, Splints and Splint Material, Elastic hosiery, Abdominal Supporters; Crutches, Trusses, Suspensories, Etc. Index, discount schedule, Hb. Very good condition. 6-5/8”x 9-1/4”x 602pp + 10pp laid in loosely. $270.00 

04063-M0895ASCL- Catalogue- E. E. KIRN, Henderson, MI. ca 1912. "The Price Gauge." Curious mix of goods: Wood, coal, gas, gasoline, and oil ranges & heating stoves (18pp); paints, building materials, fencing; harness, saddles, collars (11pp); sewing machines, telephones, telegraph outfits, fan, medical battery, etc; clocks, sweepers, kitchen utensils, gas and electric irons; full page of bells (5 shown, 28 offered); Safes(4 pictured); farm tanks, corn bins, windmills, pumps, Pullmore gas engines(4 shown); feed cutters, grinders, carriers; planters, potato digger, shellers, haying equip, stump pullers, fanning mills, tents, paulings, nets & seines, firearms, wood ice boxes, forges & other blacksmithing equip & shop tools, woodworking equip includes treadle power saws & lathes, mitre planer, boxes, carving tool sets; timber saws, wheelbarrows, bicycles(4pp); buggies, surreys, wagons, etc.(22pp); walking & riding plows of all kinds (18pp); cream separators, more. Lt stain throughout, one page torn out, staples rusty. Stiff, 2-color covers, semi-coated stk. 8" x 10-1/2" x 168pp. $67.00

04692-M0296CURO- Journal- THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN DRUGGIST, Denver, CO. Vol.28, No.10, Nov, I914. Ads include: Licorice, cigars, smoking meats, Castoria, Dumore electric drink mixer, Hostetter Bitters, Diamond Dyes, big double pg from Pabst Extract Co, Cook's Dance Floor Wax, Armour's Bullion Cubes, Valentines, Walrus Store Furnishings, Merchant's Candy Co, more. Many articles of interest to the trade. Previously bound, pierced and chipped along gutter margin, no back cover, library stamps. 8-3/4" x 12" x 48pp. $36.00  

01628-M0493ECEE- Magazines- THE MEDICO-PHARMACEUTICAL CRITIC AND GUIDE, NY.  Wm. J. Robinson, PH. G.,  M.D., Ed. "A Journal of Individuality. No policy except the policy of Truth, Honesty and Fairness.  Every reader has an equal chance with the Editor to express his Opinion.  No padding. No dead Matter. Every line interesting.  All Frauds and Humbugs fearlessly exposed."  Five issues: Apr 1914, May 1914, Feb 1915, Mar 1915, Jul 1915. In browsing thru this journal, it's obvious that they make a serious attempt to live up to their editorial credo. No electric machines advertised here. They are not at all bashful about taking on politicians, quacks, judges. They promote birth control by families, warn against cocaine addiction, take to task those who oppose sensible sex education, etc. Perhaps the medical profession could better judge, but it appears that, at least by example, this journal could hold its place even among today's journals. Each issue contains appx 25pp of ads. Some covers have small tears, chips, worn. Some quite good. Except for one that has a tear through the entire issue in the top couple of inches and one in gutter, all contents reasonably good.  Each is 6" x 9" x appx 64pp. Paperback. All  $65.00  

02659-M0994EHLK- Catalogue- UNIVERSAL DRUG & CHEMICAL CO, Chicago, IL. Polish Edition. ca ‘teens. "PORADNIK LEKARSKI i KATALOG LEKARSTW NAKLADEM Universal Medicine Co. Ksiazke te zachowajcie starannie, bo ona w potrzedie warta jest zloto moze wam przyniesc zdrowie i oszozedzic zycia." We can’t make the diacritical marks with our typewriter, but perhaps this will give a general idea of the statement. All copy in Polish except some names. Drugs, Medicines, Perfumes, Toilet Preparations. Tonics, Stomach Drops, Laxative Pills, Alps Bitters, Bitter Wine, White Pine Cordial, Cascara Compound Pills, Norwegian Cod Liver Oil; Kidney, Liver and Stomach Tea; Russian White Mineral Oil, Musterdone Plaster, Healing Ointment, Syrup Of Fig, Castoria, Pain Expeller, Liniment, Rheumatic Remedy, Gargle, Suppositories, Tooth Ache Specific, Corn Remedy, etc. Quinine and Saffron Hair Tonic, Pomade, Porofoline, Bay Rum, Vanishing and Cucumber Cream and more. Straw Hat Cleaner, etc. Some of these tonics had 50% alcohol! Large illustrations of delightful packaging and bottles with cork stoppers. Several letters of testimony from U.S. and Poland (in Polish). Coated stock. Very good condition. 4" x 9-1/2" x 32pp. $34.00

01634-M0493ECEE- Magazine- THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOC, Chicago IL, Jan 20, 1915. A number of large ads including Red Wing Grape Juice, Bausch & Lomb, Oliver and Remington Typewriters, Hupp Motor Car Co, etc. Several pages of classifieds with practices for sale, physicians wanted, etc. Covers missing, outside sheets tattered and loose, tear in fore edge of first several pages, else good. 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 124pp. We'll give you the magazine and for the ads, we'll offer at  $12.00.  

04335-M1095CALR- Journal- WATKINS ROLL OF HONOR. A Weekly Magazine Issued In The Interests of The Salesmen of the J. R. Watkins Medical Company, Winona, Minnesota, USA, Forty-eighth Year, Thursday, Jan 14, 1915. Illustrated articles, nice line art, great masthead w/Watkins buggy drawing. Coated stock paper. Very good condition. 11" x 15-1/2" x 6pp. $38.00

04336-M1095CALR- Journal- WATKINS ROLL OF HONOR. A Weekly Magazine Issued In The Interests of The Salesmen of The J. R. Watkins Medical Company, Winona, Minnesota, USA. Forty-eighth Year, Thursday, March 11, 1915. Illustrated articles, nice line art, great masthead w/early Watkins automobile. Printed in green ink on coated stock paper. Very good condition. 11" x 15-1/2" x 12pp. $38.00

02666-M1094ECEE- Flier- KUHLMAN’S CUT RATE DRUG STORES (The Rexall Stores), Two stores: 310 S. Gay & 312 W. Clinch, Knoxville, TN. ca ‘teens. 2-color, stiff printer’s proof sheet w/ad copy and brand name logos both sides. Excellent condition. 5-3/4” x 9”. $14.00

06868-M0795REEE- Catalogue & Handbook- ELI LILLY & CO., Indianapolis, IN. Sixth Revision, 1919. "Offered to physicians and pharmacists in the hope that it may be found a convenient and ready reference." Well illustrated, includes many color plates. Most bottles shown are cork or glass stopper type. Exhaustive presentation of pharmaceuticals and biologicals in every form imaginable: pills, tablets, globules, ampoules, capsules, concentrations, cordials, salts, elixirs, extracts, glycerites, inhalants, liniments, liquids, liquors, lozenges, ointments, oleates, penetroles, powders, pulvules, solutions, solvets, syrups, tinctures, medicated wines, serums, vaccines, antitoxins, viruses, tuberculins and much other. Also nice section in mostly color of "Aseptic Metal Pocket Cases for Physicians." These are priced. Section on veterinarian products. Pictorials throughout of facilities, workrooms, farms, etc. Extensively indexed. Except for slightly raised wrinkling on front pasted down end paper, this is in almost mint condition. Dark green hardback with impressed title in black and the name "Lilly" in red. 7" x 9-7/8" x 279pp. $143.00

07096-M0904ECEE- Catalogue- WARE BLACK POWDER CO., Dallas, Texas. Ca 1919. “For the People. Details of Treatment for all Diseases of the Stomach and Bowels. For the Stomach and Bowels Only.”   The proprietor says in this booklet: “The Remedies are three—The Black Powder, the Red Powder and the Baby Powder. The Black Powder is intended particularly for Dyspepsia, Indigestion of every degree, Flatulence, Sick Headache, Dysentery, Cholera Morbus, Intestinal Indigestion, Colic, Cramp Colic and Diarrhoea from Indigestion.  The Red Powder is intended almost solely for a watery Diarrhoea, whether of a few hours or a few weeks’ continuance. The Baby Powder is designed for ‘bad bowels,’  ‘summer complaint’ or common diarrhoea in infants. But I often use it up to the eighth or tenth year”.  It’s priced at 50 Cents and a Dollar a bottle. These prices have been rubber stamped over with 60 cents and $1.20.  There you have it. Sounds a little like Kopectate (kaolin clay) or Pepto Bismol of today. Anyway, this selection is a prize for patent medicine and folk remedy collectors. The piece has some other rubber stamped notes but they are too dim to decipher. No illustrations. Very good condition. 3-1/16”x 6”x 32pp. $16.00

02330-M1293-ERLE- Trade Journals, Three pieces: 1) DRUGDOM, COVERS THE DRUG WORLD, Chicago, Vol 1, No.7, December 1920. Ads include Mabelline, Z. G. Herbs Co., Trinerts Amer Elixr of Bitter-Wine, Hygeia Nursing Bottle, Kork-N-Seal and more. Self-covered. Cover tear at gutter. 4-1/4" x 6" x 64pp. 2) DRUG BULLETIN, E. D. Ervine, Publisher, Chicago, July 1931. Trade articles, fountain tips, prices current, many ads including Troemner sca1es. Vivid covers, coated stock paper. Very good condition. 8-3/4" x 11-3/4" x 50pp. 3) DRUG NEWS, Published by Retail Drug Store Employees Union, Local #1199, CIO, NY, Vol. 1, No. 1, July 1944. Union boosterism, political and war news, large war bond ads, etc. FDR cover. Coated stock paper, Very good condition. 9-1/4" x 12" x 16pp. All. $29.00

07491-M1008EE- Circular Broadsheet- ADVISORY SERVICE BUREAU, Chicago, ca 1920s. POLYGLANDOL. "The Gland Tonic Supreme for Men Who Have Lost Their Pep" , "MEN! Your Strength Depends On NORMAL GLANDS! "No 'Spanish Fly'", "Startling Gland Facts", "The Sex Glands". "Strengthen Your Glands With Polyglandol". Illustration on back of male specimen in fig leaf. Lots of letters of testimony. There you have it! It had a money back guarantee and free trial coupon. Printed in blue ink. Excellent condition. 8-3/4"x 11-1/4". $23.00

07492-M1008EE- Circular Broadsheet- D. S. KENT & CO., Chicago, ca 1920s. They are offering a book titled Safe Counsel. Their creed was: "We Believe---in the Eugenic Marriage License, in the sterilization of the unfit, in Prophylaxis, Moral, Educational, and Personal, in the single standard of morals, in the proper instruction of children in Eugenics". Much more on all proper mores of life and the teaching of children and the population in general. The negative +9 had it all pretty well figured out....just sterilize all "undesirables" and all our problems are solved. Hitler took negative eugenics to the extreme in his programs of holocaust and death. Printed in blue and red ink. Excellent condition. 8-3/4"x 11-1/4". $32.00

02473-M0394ERAU- Journal- THE JOURNAL OF ORALOGY, Official Organ of the American Academy of Applied Dental Science, NY, Vol. 1, No. 1, June 1922. "Disease Prevention Through Medical and Dental Co-operation." Oral Diagnosis, Home Prophylaxis, Teeth and the Eyes, Dead Teeth, Health A Social Asset, Oral Surgery. Many other articles and news shorts, etc. Illustrated ads. Rare first issue. Very good. 6-3/4" x 9-1/2" x 64pp. $32.00

07180-M0704CEHKR- Catalogue- MEYERS BROTHERS DRUG CO., St. Louis, MO. 70th Anniversary, September 12, 1922. Catalogue for 1922 and 1923. “The Largest Drug House in the World”. Huge and rare catalogue covers it all: Imperial Crown perfumes and toilet articles, bristle goods, Rexo photo goods, leather goods, golf and rubber balls; blackings, cleansers, and polishers; all kinds of vacuum bottles, candles, large selection of playing cards, checkers, poker chips, dominoes, dice, alarm clocks, eye specialties, electric fans, Eveready flashlights, match vending machines, harmonicas and other musical supplies, Widdicomb talking machines, many smoking pipes, toilet paper, rubber goods, hospital supplies, antiseptics, dressings, many atomizers, stationery, papeteries, school supplies, toilet articles, sponges and chamois, soda fountain supplies, soda fountains,  fixtures and outfit goods, carbonators, paints and painter’s supplies, household supplies, drugs and pharmaceuticals, proprietary medicines and toilet articles. Every thing is priced and discount schedules are given for each area of goods. Fantastic array of goods for the 1920’s drug store. The bottles and soda fountain goods are worth the price of the catalogue. ½”x ¾” gap in covering at spine foot, catalogue slightly shaken, light spot on front where someone has erased an old price. Page one has some silverfish damage. All in all a delightful addition to anyone’s library. Heavily illustrated. 8”x 10-3/4”x 976pp. $274.00

01045-B0990EHKE- Sales Pak- THE MAGNIPHONE CO. , Chicago, IL, 1924. Direct mail package from this hearing aid company to a customer in PA. Consists of seven pieces: 1) The letter-single sheet, printed both sides, $8-1/2" x 11". 2) Testimonial and fact sheet, 8-1/2" x 11", printed both sides. 3) A little pamphlet with Magniphone advertisement on front and other three pages an impassioned religio-political essay about slavery, charging interest, federal reserve banknotes, and the Golden Rule (just about covers it all!) 6-1/2" x 5-1/2" folded to form four small pages. 4) A little notice of improvements to the Magniphone, 3-1/4" x 6". 5) A two-color trial order blank, 5-1/2" x 6". 6) A return envelope. All contained in the mailer envelope with 1¢ Franklin stamp. Age darkened here and there, otherwise excellent. Strangely, there are advertising cuts here and there, but no picture of the device itself. $26.00

07174-M0704EHUL- Journal- THE PHARMACEUTICAL ERA (INCLUDING “DRUG TRADE WEEKLY”), Vol. LVIII, Saturday, June 29, 1924. No. 26. Articles include: Department Stores Take Us For Suckers, I Was Forced To Hire Hidden Demonstrators, Publicity the Remedy for Hidden Demonstrator, Effect of Hidden Demonstrators on Business. (The big bugbear during this time was the use of “hidden demonstrators”. The drug stores were the primary outlet for toiletries, for instance. In order for a new manufacturer to get his product in the emerging department stores, he had to agree to pay for a clerk working in the department store, passing him or herself off as an employee of the department store, and pushing the manufacturer’s product. Now, the use of demonstrators is much more straightforward and does not present a problem. Upscale department stores are among the foremost sales outlets for cosmetics and toiletries and the neighborhood drug stores have turned their business over to the big pharmacy department stores.) Other articles include: Swapping Mailing Lists of Customers, Planning Your Business Ahead. Pharmacy Has Made Great Progress, Combating Adverse Publicity, more. Bound-in Jobber’s Prices for Drugs & Chemicals. Many ads, some of which are worth the price of the journal, such as the full-page back cover of Coca-Cola. Other ads include: Coty’s perfumes, Hinds Disappearing Cream, Dover ice cream dishes, Dayton Displays, much more. Clear stain, some wear, otherwise very good condition. 8”x 11”x 24pp.  $36.00   Pictures

01077-M0292ECKE- Catalogue- C. F. WUNDERLICH CO., NY, 1928. Illustrated price list of "Well known German Specialties." Medicinal & Bath Preparations, Toilet Articles. Illustrations of bottled items. On slick gold paper. Slight edge chipping. 5" x 6-1/2" x 20pp. $22.00

04193-M0995LEHU- Newspapers- THE CONNECTICUT ISSUE, Rockville, Conn. Four issues: Vol. I, No.3 & Vol. I, No.4 for Mar & Apr 1928; Vol. II, No.1 & Vol. II, No.2 for Jan & Feb 1929. Published by The Connecticut Temperance & Anti-Saloon League. Collection of news and articles on prohibition. One item tells of Carl Wiedemann of Wiedemann Brewery, Newport, KY, being sentenced to two years in the Federal Pen in Atlanta and fined $10,000 for violation of prohibition laws. Another-- "More than 99 prescriptions out of 100 written for a pint of whiskey are bootlegging prescriptions and are a disgrace to the great medical profession." Archival tissue repairs and reinforcing on old folds, but all intact. First two are especially fragile and must be handled w/care. Xlib of Congress. 11" x 14-1/2" x total of 28pp. All. $44.00

00956-M1091ELEE- Catalogue- PARKE, DAVIS & CO., Detroit, MI. 1929-1930. Physician's Catalogue of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products with Descriptive Notes, Sixty-Two Half-tone Illustrations, & Three Indexes--General, Matteria Medica, and Therapeutic.. All with prices. This catalogue has been damped and some of the pages were stuck sometime in the past, although all are now separated. A few stains and paper lifts here and there as a result. All generally readable and clean. Minor spine chipping. Black flexible leatherette cover with gilt embossing. 5" x 7" x 252pp. Includes a 4-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 7pp supplement revised to Jan 1931. Excellent reference for products of the era. $32.00

05423-M1196CAHC- Catalogue- LANTEEN MEDICAL LABORATORIES, NY, Chicago, Toronto. ca 1935. Catalogue disguised as a booklet entitled "Marriage Hygiene As Prescribed By Physicians" by Norman Carr, M.D. Discusses different methods of contraception. Promotes items of their manufacture including two types of diaphragms, antiseptic jelly, applicators, cleansing solutions, powders. Well illustrated in color and b/w. All priced. Very good. 4-1/2"x 6-1/2" x 21pp. $39.00

01726-M0693CSUU- Catalogue- BARD-PARKER CO, Danbury, CT, ca 1938. Surgical knives, scissors, forceps, sterilizing containers, hematological supplies, pipettes, etc. Engraved art and half-tones on coated stock paper, grommet bound stiff folder, excellent condition. 8-3/4" x 11-1/2" x 28pp. $56.00

04435-M1095ELEE- Catalogue- EUGENICS PUB. CO., NY. 1939. “A catalog of Outstanding Works by Foremost Authorities Dealing With Sex Conduct In Marriage, The Art of Love, Sex Disorders And Abnormalities, Birth Control, Morals, and other subjects concerning Sex Life and Sex Customs.” “For The Good Of The Race.” Minor edge wrinkles. 5” x 7” x 32pp. $28.00

01677-M0593CAKE- Sales Kit- ZANOL PRODUCTS CO., Cincinnati, OH, General Catalogue No. 1, ed ‘L’, 1939. 1) A little cardboard sample case measuring 16" x 12-1/2" x 4" with large green and gold Guarantee Of Satisfaction, seals of testing agencies inside lid (no samples present). 2) Catalogue, 11" x 14" x 76pp with very large sized illustrations on coated stock paper. 3) Inserted price list and index. 4) Inserted Official Order Blank. 5) Letter Of Credit to be filled out by dealer. 6) Illustrated flyer with check-off product sheet. Case is faded and some stains, remainder appearance almost like new except for minor bug chews on edge of first couple of catalogue pages. Products are beauty preparations, perfumes, soaps, home medicines, concentrated soft drinks, spices and other food and household products, laundry preparations, oils, cleansers, polishes, etc. Zanol was a nation-wide organization at one time. A fellow by the name of Albert Mills was the founder in 1907. They had door-to-door salesmen selling directly to the homemaker. Great item with nice art. $67.00

07149-M0704EEAL- Book- AMERICAN FIRST AID TEXTBOOK, Prepared By the American Red Cross for Instruction of First Aid Classes. Revised with 262 Illustrations. The Blakiston Co., Publishers, Philadelphia. 1945. Soft cover, illustrated. Very good condition with student’s underlining in red here and there.  5-1/4”x 7-3/4”x 254pp. $8.00

01778-M0693EEOC- Journal- JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOC, Chicago, IL, Cleveland Convention Number, Dec 13, 1947. Ads from many drug, equipment, supply companies; numerous infant food companies. And here's Philip Morris claiming "When smokers changed to Philip Morris substantially every case of throat irritation due to smoking cleared completely, or definitely improved."  It's nice to know they were doing their bit to improve the well being of  folks. (AMA doesn't accept tobacco advertising now.) Spine chips, otherwise very good condition.  8-1/2" x 11-1/2 x 178 pp.  $22.00  

03645-M0495AKUU- Catalogue- V. MUELLER & CO, Chicago, IL. 1948. Complete General Catalogue of Surgical Instruments, Equipment, Supplies for Physicians and Hospitals. For every practice and specialty. Very nice, large-sized engravings and vignettes for most items. About as comprehensive as any we've ever had. Flexible hardback has ink spots on back cover, otherwise excellent condition. 7-1/4" x 10-1/2" x 680pp. $143.00

04576-M1195EE- Booklet- CARTER PRODUCTS, INC., NYC. 1949. "5 DOCTORS PROVE THIS PLAN BREAKS THE LAXATIVE HABIT." Talking doctor head expounds on accomplishing this w/Carter's Little Liver Pills. Also, a page on Arid & 2pgs on Nair Lotion. Sales copy in English, Italian, Hebrew, Polish. Well illustrated. Light fold. 4" x 2-1/2" x 32pp. $14.00

00715-B0990EAKE- Almanac- N.A.R.D. ALMANAC (National Assoc of Retail Druggists), 1955. From R. G. Center Drugs, Highland, IL. Lower inch of cover and of two sheets missing. 5-1/2" x 8-3/4" x 66pp. $14.00

05096-M0796EHUE- Book- PHRENOLOGY: FAD AND SCIENCE. A 19th CENTURY CRUSADE by John D. Davis. Archon Books. Cprt 1955 by Yale University Press. Reprinted 1971. Hardback, index, a few illustrations. "It is the thesis of this study that phrenology is deserving of detailed analysis, not 'amused attention.' That it is classified with alchemy and astrology today does not mean it was merely a fad, appealing only to eccentrics. No one denies that the science of one generation is the pseudo-science of the next: ....in its own time phrenology, like Freudianism, was a serious, inductive discipline, accepted as such by many eminent scientists, doctors, and educators; its aberrations were the results not so much of charlatanism or credulity as of the limitations of early 19th-century scientific method and medical techniques. However mistaken some of its anatomical deductions may have been, scientific it was in its determination to study the mind objectively, without metaphysical preconceptions. Its priority in this field is recognized in the histories of medicine and psychology, and many of its fundamentals are as commonplace today as they were radical a century ago." No library on the subject complete without this one. X-library but very little handled. Board covers bubbled where Dewey designation tape has been pulled off, library name marked out on last free end paper. Book almost like new otherwise. 6-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 203pp. $68.00

07255-M0507ECEE- Book- ONE FOR A MAN, TWO FOR A HORSE.  A Pictorial History, Grave & Comic, of Patent Medicines.  "Recalling in words and pictures the fads, follies and foibles of self-doctoring in grandpa's day.  Hundreds of rare, old pictures, posters, photographs, almanacs and advertisements."  By Gerald Carson, published by Bramhall House, 1961.  Perhaps a reprint from an earlier edition.  Index and picture credits.  Heavily illustrated.  Brown cloth bindings have faded places at extremities, dust cover has a few minor wrinkles in clear-coat cover.  Bindings tight and boards free of edge wear.  Merry Christmas gift inscription in front.  8-3/4" x 11-3/4" x 128pp. $32.00  Pictures

06427-M0399ECEE- Book- THE MEDICAL MESSIAHS, A Social History of Health Quackery in Twentieth-Century America. By James Harvey Young. Princeton University Press. Princeton, New Jersey, 1967. 1st ed. Illustrated and Indexed. Signed by author with message to a colleague. In The Toadstool Millionaires and then this book, Young traces the history of health quackery from colonial times to 1966. Out-of-print title here offered is an intriguing account of the fight of the pure food and drug folks against the patent medicine charlatans and mo-jo men who, then and now, prey on credulous minds. Book is marked with notations throughout by, presumably, the person to whom it was presented for use in his lectures. Hb, no dj. Very slight wear to extremities, otherwise almost like new. 5-3/4" x 8-3/4"x 459pp. $62.00

07046-M1103EEEE- MEDICAL AUDITING- 1996. Someone has spent a lot of time compiling this entire information file on the subject of medical auditing. Consists of a colorful folder of marketing materials from Medical Recovery Services, Inc., printed material from various Web sites at the time, physician products, medical care codes and reimbursement, legal forms, a lengthy article on Equifax (the credit reporting company), much more. There are about 60 pages of material plus a booklet by Napoleon Hill entitled “Going The Extra Mile”. File probably accumulated by someone in the medical auditing business. All very good condition. All. $18.00

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