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General Catalogues

07277-M0607ELOU- Catalogue-SPIEGEL, F/W 1945. Their 80th year. Complete lines for home and farm. 1945 was a momentous time in the history of the world. The Allies and US were mopping up Europe and Japan to bring the war criminals to task for the horrendous misery they caused the peoples of the world. Catalogue has notices about rationing and war bonds.  Cover creases and small tears, old price sicker lift on front cover. Back several pages and index pages have missing corners. A few pages have dog ears and are fragile near back of catalogue. Otherwise intact and apparently complete.  9-1/4 x 13-1/4 x 656pp. $55.00  Pictures

03529-M0395EEEE- Catalogue- SPIEGEL, F/W 1989. 9-1/4" x 13" x 588pp. Very good. $35.00

01924-M0893ELEE- Catalogue- SPIEGEL, Chicago, F/W 1989, 588pp. $35.00

Christmas Catalogues

00596-B0990CCLK- Catalogue- SPIEGEL, Christmas 1980, 438pp. $45.00

06712-M0101ELEE- Catalogue- SPIEGEL. CHRISTMAS GIFTS AND CHRISTMAS FOR KIDS. 1983. Cover wrinkle and slight corner chip, otherwise very good condition. 8-1/4x 11x  486pp. $45.00

00597-B0990CCLK- Catalogue- SPIEGEL, Christmas 1984, 464pp. This one is the 9-1/4" x 11" format with two fronts reading toward the middle. Spiegel reorganized in the early ‘80s and upgraded its image and product line as well as adopting this unique format. $45.00

00598-B0990CEEE- Catalogue- SPIEGEL, Christmas 1985, 451pp. $40.00

00599-B0990CEEE- Catalogue- SPIEGEL, Christmas 1986. 452pp. $40.00

00600-B0990CEEE- Catalogue- SPIEGEL, Christmas 1987, Larger format, but right-reading from front to back. 440pp. $40.00

00601-B0990CEEE- Catalogue- SPIEGEL, Christmas 1989, Large, double front format. 432pp. $40.00

00602-B0990CEEE- Catalogue- SPIEGEL, Christmas 1989, 432pp. A second copy. $40.00

Sale Catalogues

07278-M0607ELOU- Catalogue- SPIEGEL, MAY, STERN CO., Easter Sale, 1930s.  House wares and elegant clothing. Color covers. It's tattered, torn, and gapped but all pages are apparently present.  9-1/4 x 13-1/4 x 34pp. $14.00  Picture

05825-M0497ECCU- Catalogue- SPIEGEL, Chicago. "Great Fall Values" Sale. 1971. Lt stain along top edge of cover. 8-1/4" x 11" x 198pp. $22.00

06880-M0402ECLL- Catalogue- SPIEGEL, Chicago, IL. Fall Fashion Finds, 1982. Special sale items for family. Includes some luggage, a stationary bike and exercise equipment, and a telephone answering machine. Page 29/30 is about torn away and missing. 8-3/8"x 10-7/8"x 102pp. $22.00

Miscellaneous Items

01058-B0990ERKE- Catalogue Pages- SPIEGEL, Chicago, IL, ca 1940(?). Two folded pages from one of their large catalogues with wind and gasoline electric equipment including two wind rigs, two gasoline generators, storage batteries. Illustration of farmstead-- bringing "city electricity to the farm." Very good condition. 9" x 13" x 2pp. $18.00

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